Travel | Atlin & Dease Lake (2/2)

Photos continued from my trip to the northwest corner of BC, included driving from Dease Lake to Telegraph Creek. THE scariest, but also the most beautiful drive I have ever experienced. Also, it was in Dease Lake where I ate a moose hotdog and rode an ATV 🙂

Driving to Telegraph Creek. Quite possibly the scariest road known to man. Unpaved. Windy. Steep. Cliffs, no guardrails. Canyons. Hairpin turns. Single lanes. You get the idea…

Wait. We’re going down there?!

Where is the road?

Oh we made it.

Driving back, 112km.

The rays of sunlight shining on those tiny trees were quite breathtaking. This photograph does not do it justice.

Look at this next photo on the left. We drove on that road. TWICE!

PAVED ROAD. I have NEVER, in my life, been so excited to see a paved road…

Dease Lake 🙂

Yes. It snowed in Dease Lake, in the last week of April!!!

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