Portraits | Sarah & Steve

Meet Sarah and Steve! Sarah got in touch with me to have portraits of the two of them taken, so we decided to meet at Queen Elizabeth Park! The day started out as pretty overcast, threatening to rain at any time. And it did eventually rain, but good thing Sarah brought umbrellas with them πŸ™‚ I also just want to do a little shout out: they were super duper sweet and brought me some hot chocolate. But apparently as they were getting out of the car, some accident happened, and half of that hot chocolate ended up on Steve’s jeans. Haha. He was able to get most of it off, but major props to him for enduring that. Also, propz to Sarah for enduring the intense cold that day.

I love this random patch of bamboo in QE Park πŸ™‚

8 responses to “Portraits | Sarah & Steve”

  1. Awesome session – nice backdrops/lighting. You guys have it good up there with the soft lit overcast skies!

    PS – I’m gonna be heading up there after my workshop with J*, you gonna be around? Or have any suggestions on where to go while I’m there?

  2. ha, that’s cute about the hot chocolate! lovely photos, sherry. you made great on some pretty bland weather!

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