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There’s this guy I know, Ben, who recently contacted me after he started writing for Beyond Robson. He is now writing gallery/space reviews for BR, and he needed photos of these galleries/spaces! (What’s a blog post without photos ;D) Anyway! I’m super stoked he thought of me and invited me to go along. This is 221A Artist Run Centre; the first space that Ben and I worked on together! (We’ve shot a few more spaces since then, so keep your eyes out for those blog posts coming up!)

This post is published on Beyond Robson [here]. You can read Ben’s (far more eloquent) words by clicking the link too.

I loved this chair

Vancouver photographer for Beyond Robson, 221A Artist Run Centre, gallery review photos

Loved the details.

Something about the colours makes me really happy!

Like I said, this isn’t the only time Ben and I have worked together, so I will be blogging more galleries in the future! (Being published is pretty exciting!!)

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