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Fashion | 20s meets 50s (Part 1/2)

This was a fashion shoot. Partly my brain child. Well, more of a collaborative effort 🙂 At first it was just going to be flappers, but then my friend got a floofy dress. So I decided it would be a mishmash of decades! Partly flappers-inspired, and partly Betsey Johnson/50s-inspired. All awesome though ;D We were shooting downtown, and had 2 make up artists help out (with make up and hair). Holy moley, doing hair and makeup takes a LOT of time! Pretty sure we spent more time on hair/makeup than we did actually on the shoot 🙂 Hee hee. OKAY. On to the photos. I’ve split it up into 2 posts, since I narrowed it down to 53 of my favs. 53? Yah. Haha. (I suck at choosing :/)

Here’s Liz, workin’ her magic!

vancouver makeup photographer, makeup for fashion shoot

And Vinnie doing makeup too! 🙂 If this were left up to me, the results would be pretty horrific. Thanks, my lovely MUAs.

Oh. We did makeup/hair at Liz’s friend’s house. And they had a cat. MEOW. Super cute.

And fluffy…


Leigh’s makeup

April’s makeup

Caroline’s makeup

Caroline was a flapper girl 🙂 Doing the Charleston. (Well. None of us actually KNEW the Charleston, so we improvised…)

vancouver fashion photographer, vancouver portrait photographer, flapper inspired, fashion shoot

Leigh, seriously workin’ it.

styled fashion shoot in yaletown, vancouver portrait photographer

April was more 50s inspired. 🙂 I am in LOVE with her Betsey Johnson dress.

And Elena! (Regulars will know that Elena makes quite a few blog appearances, haha). This shoot was also partly her idea! 🙂 Yay.

Love this pose. (Showing off the ring, clearly!)

🙂 I love walking shots.

And twirling shots are fun too!

I really love this one! This pose was totally Leigh’s idea!! (Leigh shoots a fair bit of concert photography in Vancouver! Her website here)

These 2 gave me attitood ALL day. (Not to be confused with attitude. They are very sweet :))

We got SO many stares and double-takes in the street! Haha. (Note: van driver has his hand out the window. Trying to photobomb!)

Haha. I love this one. It’s a super cute photo, for one. And, you can see the girl doing a complete double-take. And the “Super G” truck river sticking his ENTIRE upper body out the window. I laughed SO hard when I came across this photo whilst editing!!

Okie doke, that’s it for Part 1. You’re just gonna have to wait a couple days for Part 2!

16 responses to “Fashion | 20s meets 50s (Part 1/2)”

  1. What a fun shoot Sherry! I love their shoes. I especially love the last couple of shots with them in the middle of the street.

  2. Oh my, those are fun! Love the clothing and styling, and colors – how fun! Love the last shot – made me laugh 🙂

  3. so fun! i have a flapper party to go to in a few weeks and this totally inspired me. thanks! where are their dresses from?

  4. Your pics are amazing! Love your eye – such a creative and artful vision you’ve got there Sherry! These are like the pics I take with my photog BFF…so much fun!

  5. pretty streets of yaletown with pretty ladies!
    good job sherry!
    oh and those black dresses are pretty much adorable

  6. SO GORGEOUS!!! Can we say “Style Me Pretty?” (well, I know it’s not a wedding, but still absolutely beautiful!!!!). Great shoot 🙂

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