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I had the joy of spending last weekend (Fri-Sun) in Portland, Oregon with 2 of my friends who studied abroad with me together! 🙂 They go to school in Eugene, but drove up to Portland to hang out with me for the weekend. I took the Amtrak from Vancouver to Portland, and it took 8 hours each way. Haha. It was a little brutal, but the round trip ticket was under $100. I might splurge and fly next time though- we’ll see.

It was really awesome seeing my friends, since it had been ALMOST a year (yesterday, Monday, made a full year since I left Taiwan) since we last saw each other. And frolicking in a state with NO SALES TAX was fine by me. I had also never been to Portland before! It’s actually kind of like Vancouver- weather-wise. But they have a lot of bricked roads, and streetcar rails. Here are some photos I snapped of Portland. (I know there’s not that much, but I was enjoying just hanging out with my friends. 🙂 Portraits of them to come!)

This is the view of Portland from our 14th floor hotel room.

view of Portland, Oregon from fourteenth floor

Looking down was kind of scary…

It rained on Friday and Sunday, but it was clear on Saturday (the day we were walking around downtown). WOOT!

I love department stores. The Bay and Sears don’t count!

Sak's Fifth Avenue in Portland, Oregon

I don’t know why Portland is SO deserted on a Saturday. This was probably around noon or 1pm. The streets were EMPTY!

Streetcar rails! 🙂

I love Betsey Johnson. I wish she would adopt me.

Betsey Johnson store in Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon

Portland also had a lot of trendy kitchen-goods stores.

William Sonoma in Portland, Oregon

The Tri-MET bus is free in the downtown area! 😀 Score! We hopped on it for ~3 blocks. We didn’t realize the Pearl District was so close.. Haha.

I was also SUPER excited to see Anthropologie. We don’t have those in Vancouver either. I think I ooh’d and ahh’d for the whole time I was in there- WHILE petting every single surface. Haha. It’s a shock that I didn’t get asked to leave 😀

Anthropologie in Pearl District in Portland, Oregon

We went to this garden (Rose Garden??), but there weren’t any flowers. But the whole garden seemed to like William Shakespeare a lot! See the next two photos for proof:

Well, I guess it makes sense, since it IS a rose garden. But I thought his signature looked like “Milliam” Shakespeare. ;D

I’m super grateful for a fun, short, weekend getaway, and getting to spend time with my friends! 🙂 But I totally forgot how busy I am this week, and how midterms are coming up soon! AHH, reality. Gotta get crackin’!

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  1. Beautiful, Sherry! These are really, really nice! You did AWESOME with all the architecture, I love the photos! Beautiful, even without the sun so much!

  2. Wow, that’s a beautiful romantic city! Loved the photos, such amazing light and love the details also!
    “Methinks a rose is best” too! 😀

  3. You are so fortunate for the opportunity to travel like that. Although, I’m with you on the brutality of an 8 hour ride. Yikes! Portland looks beautiful through your lens.

  4. Great shots, Sherry!! I think we could be real good shopping buddies… You should come to Philadelphia we have all those stores and more! Haha! It’s funny, those pictures of Saks and the area around it look so much like Boston! And a free bus!? JACKPOT!

  5. Beautiful photos! I always love architecture photography. You really capture the beauty of the city in a grunge style kind of way (which I LOVE)! Fabulous!

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