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David | Fashion Photography

Before I got into family portraiture/headshots, I’ve photographed a few aspiring models. School’s now out, for winter break, and I thought I’d try a couple more ‘fashion-y’ photoshoots! Introducing David! He’s an aspiring model/actor who attends the Vancouver Film School. So I thought it’d be pretty awesome to do some more avant-garde-esque photos. We shot in Gastown in Vancouver, which provided lots of interesting backdrops. Oh, and a couple interesting characters… Haha, I guess that’s what you get for shooting in alleys! 🙂

We found some corrugated metal, and thought we should start out there!

Can I just point out his awesome shoes?

Some neat bars in front of a window…

Hurrah for cheap lace trimmings/notions- allowing us to have some fun with it…

I love brick walls, and doorways!

Some feathers were added into the mix of fun!

I really like this one 🙂 🙂

Hello, catchlights! It’s actually just the sky!

Okay, onto my favourite(S) from the shoot. We went up to the roof of a parkade. Can I just mention again how much I LOVE cloudy days? It’s like a giant softbox. And I’m not limited to shooting in the shade. The light is just so soft and perfect. (Only minor downside is that I can’t get any flare…)

The flower belongs to me! I clipped it onto my headband, but realized that it’d make for a pretty awesome prop 🙂 [Please marvel at my superb creative skills…]

This next photo is my favourite!!! Doesn’t the brick chimney remind you of Europe?? And the pigeons flying in the background!! <3

Some people hate vignettes, but I love them! Especially in photos like this one:

It was SO much fun working with you, David! Thanks for rocking some amazing outfits (and those sweet shoes). And I’m super grateful that it didn’t rain… I’m pretty sure the last 40123092834 sessions I’ve had were all done in the rain, so it’s kind of nice to have a change of pace! And since I’m off for 2 more weeks-ish, I’m hoping to shoot a lot more! (In the process of sorting everything out, but I am EXCITED!!!)

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  1. love your photos. just wondering, what camera do you use?

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  2. Heyyy you won’t believe this but i recognize you from my mbb 321 class!!! did pretty horrible by the way..haha anyway it’s awesome how you’re a photographer because i’ve been wanting to do a winter photoshoot for quite a while now (maybe even at sfu..)
    So how’s your schedule/rates?? Hit me backkk!!! 😛

  3. Super cool set and so fun to peruse through. My favorites are the last ones in the black and white. Wait, no, can’t really pick, they are all so fun and funky.

  4. Who can pull off an oil slick bodysuit under a blazer?! I’m pretty sure David can. Love the accessories you brought to the shoot. Awesome shoot Sherry!!

  5. Girl, these are faaaaabulous!!! My goodness!!! 🙂 Love the shot with the catchlights! And your fave is definitely my fave too!! Happy holidays and have an awesome break! You deserve it!!! 😉 xoxo

  6. these are so fun!!! looks like you guys found some awesome locations!!! i need to find some spots like this in LA!! and i agree the vignette totally works in that picture!!

  7. These are really great Sherry! I love the simple accessories in his outfits, the feather the lace, the flower you made (beautiful!)….I think the rooftop photos are my favorite but I do love how fitting his poses and facial expressions are to each scene. Great job!! 🙂

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