Katie and Carlos | August 15th

Katie and Carlos (my couple from the previous post) got married on Aug 15th at the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course! 😀 I was lucky enough to share this day with them. It was forecasted for 40% rain, but we lucked out and the weather held out for us. It even got sunny right after the ceremony before we did portraits at Burnaby Mountain Park! They are moving back to France in less than a week, so I edited like mad, and will be able to give them their images before they leave. It was a super fantastic day on the 15th, and I’m super pleased with the Vancouver weather!!

:/ All these images are BACKWARDS (from the order that I uploaded them in). Sorry about that. Haha. The beginning of the day is actually at the end of this post. [still haven’t quite figured out how to upload properly right in Blogspot…]

The lovely bouquet!

We did some standard posing, but I thought the owl eyes would be pretty sweet…

The rings. <3 (on a park bench, no less!)
This is when we heard music being played, and they both started swaying to it.

Katie’s dress had a GORGEOUS back!

I think I love this shot. The light is PERFECT, and the bokeh is just LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The car ride from the ceremony to the park 🙂

Haha, Katie’s siblings decided to pull funny faces for this hilarious photo!

The very delicious cake! The top/bottom tiers were mocha flavoured, and the middle layer was lemony.

Katie’s sister lacing her up.

Katie looking at her dress in the yard.

A really old pearl necklace. I believe it was Katie’s family friend’s grandmother’s… (or something like that…)

Shoes! Hanging out on a window sill.

Katie’s sister getting read in the morning.

Like I said, the photos are in the complete OPPOSITE order. Oops. :/ But I had a BLAST that day. Thanks again for letting me be a part of your lovely wedding- Katie and Carlos!

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