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Travel | Seattle

For MLK Day, I went down to Seattle to hang out with Pam & Nat. I visit Pam a lot in California (somewhere like 8 trips in the last 5 or so years? Who can keep track anymore- really?) So when they said they were flying up to Seattle for the long weekend, the least I could to was hop on a bus and meet them there! We brunched at the Space Needle (fairly pricey, but very tasty food- and quite a bit of it too), sight-saw, visited a glass museum, and even went on a food tour (also super worth it). Considering how close I live to Seattle, you’d think I would know a lot about the city. That is also what every Seattlite thought when they found out I was visiting from Vancouver. But I actually know more about SF and NYC, haha. It was still really fun to explore a familiar city in the PNW!

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