Travel | San Francisco (1/2)

Earlier this month, I got to visit San Francisco (& all of my friends there) with my sister. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been to the Bay Area now 🙂 Despite the fact that it wasn’t a new destination, I still had a ton of fun. My sister hadn’t been to the Bay Area since she was 6, so I had the opportunity to show her around.

Leaving from the SEA-TAC airport!

Landing at OAK

Customary first CA meal: In-N-Out.

Boy, it looks like all we do is eat… (Not too far from the truth, ACTUALLY)

Visiting UC Berkeley

I think Converse should support our traveling endeavors!

This Welsh Corgi puppy was THE cutest/softest/fluffiest dog everrrr.

Ha. That’s not real snow.

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