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Things | Hell’s Gate & Minter Gardens & Vancouver Zoo

Oh boy. :d So I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog for a while. Started my full time camp job at the end of June, as well as a new part time job, and life just got a little hectic. But I’m back now! Got a slew of posts coming up!! 😀

These are from the end of May (ah, awkward). These are almost the end of my Tourism Challenge photos ;D I took my friend Sara-Jane (well, she drove) to Hell’s Gate, Minter Gardens as well as the Greater Vancouver Zoo all in one day. We are super troopers!

I had never been to Hell’s Gate before, but apparently the weather there is stellar, pretty much all the time.

I’m so cool ;D

Big chairs! Or we shrunk…

I realized I don’t really have the patience for bird/wildlife photography that day…

It was sunny, but supremely windy.

Driving to Minter Garden!

Ferny fern fern!

I <3 these.

These flowers are so cute- upside down and all!

Yay, dirt bokeh.

I LOVE succulents! (I may have expressed this many many times on this blog… :d )

At the Greater Vancouver Zoo! There is an albino peacock, as well as regular peacocks (we saw 1).

So cool!

Peacocks are so majestic!

AW, ‘coons.


Hi deer!

We were able to get SO close to the giraffes; it was so neat.

Aww : )

AHHH. My heart melted.


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