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Fabienne is usually behind-the-scenes doing make up on our other fashion shoots, but she brought some FIERCE to our shoot together :] Here are some of my favourites…

Experimenting with some cooler-toned editing on the right hand photo

Kind of The GAP – esque

And playing with some black and whites

Shooting in Fabienne’s bathroom…

Such a doll-y face!

We drove to the beach, only to realize it was POURING there. So we propped up an umbrella between branches and shot under the umbrella. Resourcefulness ;D

The rain did bring out the warm tones

Shooting in the tub

I love these following 2 a lot :]

These remind me of ballerinas…

  • Anton - Sherry… my goodness! these are amazing pictures! I ended up on your website by chance, am I glad I did! I have to agree with Gina… so inspiring!!! Keep up the great work and Fabienne is a total poser!! Love every single picture!!! My favourites the warm tone ones! AMAZING!

  • brianna phelan - Resourcefulness is an understatement – can’t tell it’s raining at all. Have always loved your work, Sherry Lu, but this is pretty fricken amazing. She needs to be on this side of the camera more often too – gorgeous girl.

  • Kim Spears - Sherry these are so fun! Love how you were playing with the lighting and editing and some really fun posing. Awesome shots 🙂 She is just beautiful.

  • Louisa Coulthurst - Love the different looks of the model. Brilliant shoot.

  • Gina - Hello. . . I have to say, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and am an amateur photographer myself. After seeing this shoot I just HAD to leave a comment!! Truly inspiring!! I look forward to seeing what new shoots you post every time I stop by your blog!! This is definitely a fav!! By the way. . .this beautiful girl should be a model!!! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

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