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Um. What’s NOT awesome about photographing 2 super gorgeous girls? I know Sanja from school, we’re in the same program together! We had 2 classes together last semester, but none together this semester. Her and Fabienne have been friends for a while, and just wanted some chill photos of them hanging out. I swear, they don’t look THAT similar in real life, but something about photos makes them look IDENTICAL. It’s weird…

Anyway, we got to shoot at this GORGEOUS apartment that belongs to Sanja’s friend. I really love window sill shots. (Clearly).

vancouver portrait photographer, girl in window sill with back light

Sanja!! Her make up was done by Fabienne (who’s currently in make up school)!

Window light <3

SEE? Don’t they photograph similarly? Odd.

We were going for a chill “morning in the Hamptons” look with these shots.

So hard to tell them apart in this photo. (But I love eyelashes!!!)

This was the test shot, but I just love it… It was a sweet tub.

I enjoy how each step is labeled. IN CASE YOU FORGET.

Close up of Fabienne’s make up. (Which she also did…)

It was SO amazing photographing you two. Seriously. πŸ˜€

  • nick - Wow! Really nice set! They look like twins! Gorgeous supermodels!!!

  • Michelle Kane - Sherry, I missed this post. Wow, LOVE everything about them!

  • Wayne Lam - Hi Sherry,

    Came across your work, nice portrait work and good use of the lines and compositions.

    Wayne Lam
    “The Art of Storytelling”

  • Jessica Feely - woooow!! This session is THE BOMB!! What a gorgeous pair of girls, and second- you captured them so beautifully! I love the feeling and style of these- great job!!

  • Ica - ohhh mama mia this is gorgeous!!! looooove it sherry. love love love love love it!

  • Jenny - Those could be in a magazine!!!!! AMAZING WORK!!!

  • Candice - So, I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now, and thought I’d finally say hello:) I LOVE this shoot! You’re talented lady!

  • Alisa Greig - so pretty sherry!!! and yes, they look like twins!

  • Michelle Dixon - HOLY !!!!! These are STUNNING!!!!! how gorgeous are these girls. I love EVERY image!!!

  • michele dyson - Wow, wow WOW Sherry! You have outdone yourself, girl! These are incredible – great location, use of light and your models are so naturally beautiful…want to send them up my way for a free shoot???!!!!! They have a look that is hard to come by. Just love these…fab work as always!

  • Geoff - Awesome! That first window shot is amazing!

  • Adam Cavanagh - Wow gorgeous work!

  • Anda - These are simply FABULOUS. And so are you!

  • Jennifer Brotchie - gorgeous girls and gorgeous images… bravo!

  • Christine - OMG Sherry these are stunning! It helps that the girls are drop-dead gorgeous but your photography is flawless. It really is impossible to pick out a favorite from these. Great job!

  • kelly marie - These could be straight out of a magazine – amazing!

  • Renee - Crazy good, Sherry! It doesn’t hurt to have such beautiful subjects to shoot either, does it? πŸ™‚

  • Brooke - Oh my! These are perfect Sherry! Just gorgeous.. I swear it, these are straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad.. wow!

  • kylie - love this! great shots and beautiful models. ” )

  • Gina - I love these!! so pretty!

  • Ericha - Wow! They really do look like sisters in some of the shots. Just beautiful. I really like the shots of them on the stairs. The eyelashes shot is awesome too!

  • Evie Perez - Wow Sherry..these are AMAZING!! These pictures belong in a Urban Outfitters catalogue.

  • cindee bae - sherry, these are AMAZING, I’m totally dying over the tone of these photos!! BTw, those 2 really do look like twins, such a trip!

  • Diandra - Love this shoot! So cute!

  • Gina - AMAZING! What a fun shoot! They are gorgeous and you are so talented with the camera!

  • ashley folkema - Love these!

  • GAry - Lovely photos Sherry. Such a fun place for photo shoot and the girls are gorgeous. You did well putting them together.

  • Christine Pobke - Sherry! Girl, these friggin’ ROCK!!! πŸ™‚ Gorgeous shots of two gorgeous girls… and love the way you work the light and location! Awesome!

  • Steven Elmer - Loooving the Chill* morning in the hamptons* look πŸ˜›

  • Richard Pham - Those are some really ravishing ladies! Great job with the photoshoot!

  • Jay K - Great Work ! Love the pictures!

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • Erin - this location is amazing. the first one is to die for! the composition, the pose and the lighting AMAZINGGGGGG

  • sunnie - Gorgeous ladies and amazing pictures!
    love the lighting.
    and these two bffs do look a lot alike!

  • Sean - Flat. Out. Gorgeous.

    Your best portraiture since I’ve been stalking your blog, Sherry. The girls looks lovely in all of them, love the coffee cups and abundance of window light. Shot of their heads opposite are amazing too!

  • Audra Colpitts - WOW!! Killer shots with gorgeous ladies Sherry! Nice job!

  • larissa - these are GORGEOUS and so are these girls. wow!!! I love your use of the light you’re amazing!

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