I am a wedding & portrait photographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been photographing for over 8 years now, and I am completely self- taught.

I graduated from SFU with a BSc. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. You may be wondering how I got into photography! Photography is something I accidentally stumbled upon. It is so different from what I studied in college, and due to that difference, I found that I developed a strong attraction to photography. Gradually, I became addicted to taking photos; it turned out to be more than just a hobby.

I have always been a people-person, and I was not able to interact with half as many people in my studies. I discovered that photography is a medium through which I could connect with other people and document their personalities. I love that I can express myself through photography, while capturing moments that will be cherished by friends, clients, and loved ones.


If you want to get to know me more, or lavish me with compliments (just kidding ;D), you can e-mail me OR click on the ‘contact me’ tab to fill out a form.

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