Almost a year ago, I begun a ~20 hour journey from Melbourne to California for Pam’s wedding. I met Pam back in 2006 during our summer internship in Taiwan. Then in 2008, we both arranged to have a study abroad semester at NTU (National Taiwan University). Even though we haven’t lived in the same city since 2008, we’ve usually seen each other once every year or two. So when Pam told me she was getting married, I knew I’d fly to be there regardless of where I was.

Pam & Nat got married at Hiller Aviation Museum, which is one of the most unique places I’ve photographed a wedding before! They were able to arrange a small plane to be the backdrop of their vow exchange, and I loved the little plane details during the reception.

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I was in London (November 2017 to be exact). Recently I went through my hard drive and found a bunch of photos in various stages of editing. Haha, got a lot to catch up on. There are also a bunch of photos that have been edited, but I’ve never shared. Which brings us to this session with Sunnie and Jonno in Richmond Park, London! I met Sunnie during my university days, and work brought her to London- where she met Jonno. They showed me around Richmond Park where we saw some deer. I absolutely loved the warm golden light 🙂


O P E N   M E